Capital investments

with success


Do you want to protect and grow your wealth?

We consider three key factors when selecting appropriate financial products for your investment: Return, liquidity and security. These three aspects form the so-called" magic triangle" of capital investment. They must be carefully coordinated to avoid emotional decisions and spontaneous actions. In addition, there are various options, such as stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities, precious metals and so on.

Mastering the balance of opportunities and risks

We support you in adapting the magic triangle of capital investment to your situation. Among other things, we look at your willingness and ability to take risks. These two factors are not identical. Your risk tolerance indicates whether you prefer a more offensive investment strategy, where higher chances of profit go hand in hand with higher risks of loss or a more defensive approach with lower options of profit and lower risks. On the other hand, your risk capacity indicates how much you can cope with financial losses based on objective criteria.

Propose, execute and monitor installations

Our investment advice is characterized by independence. We are not a bank but act as neutral advisors who recommend suitable investments for you in cooperation with selected banks and asset managers. It is essential to us that our recommendations fit your individual needs. Once the system has been placed, we continuously monitor it and stay in close contact with you to make the appropriate adjustments.