in 3 pillars


Private and professional provisions for later

The state old-age and survivors' insurance (AHV) and the occupational pension plan (2nd pillar) are intended to help maintain your standard of living in retirement. To achieve this, you pay monthly into your pension fund, with your employer contributing at least the same amount. The goal is to receive a pension of about 60% of your last income when you retire. However, there is still a significant funding gap of 40%. Therefore, you should also make private provisions (3. Pillar) if you want to maintain your accustomed standard of living in retirement. This allows you to reduce your funding gap as you see fit.

How to save taxes

Another weighty advantage of the 3. Pillar is their tax support by the federal government and the cantons. In addition, you can reduce your tax burden by deducting your annual deposits from your taxable income. Only when the capital is paid out will you be taxed separately from the rest of your income at a reduced tax rate. These advantages make the 3. Pillar is an attractive way to secure your financial future in retirement.